Spaces are available for the 2024 Summer season but are filling up quickly.

Our Story

Our Story

As we approach our 36th season in 2024, we find ourselves immersed in the incredible legacy that began in 1988 with my parents, Ron and Ada Peters.

Mom, inspired by the enduring friendship of Anne of Green Gables and her bosom buddy Diana Barry, came up with the name ‘Cavendish Bosom Buddies’. Throughout the years, Mom & Dad earned a reputation for their genuine Island hospitality, and when they passed the torch to Kenny and me in 2012, we felt both honoured and excited to continue their legacy.

For our returning guests, many of you know Kenny, the heartbeat of our day-to-day operations. And our kids, well, you may have crossed paths with them in the pool, on the basketball court, or perhaps doing the garbage or bottle run.

Our incredible manager, Karl, is gearing up for his third season with us, and honestly, we consider ourselves so fortunate to have him. Together, we’re a tight-knit family dedicated to making your stay extraordinary.

Our triplets, Matt, MacKenzie, and Lexie, are more than siblings – they’re the best of friends. For us, Bosom Buddies reflects the amazing bond that ties our children together.

Our logo was inspired by a photo of them walking together on one of the Island’s red dirt roads. We’re excited to continue our story and eagerly anticipate welcoming both new and returning guests into our Bosom Buddies family. Here’s to more shared memories and moments of joy on the North Shore!


Your hosts, Kenny and Tracey Singleton


The History

With their 4 children (Rhonda, Tracey, Michelle and Brodie), Ron and Ada operated the Cavendish Bosom Buddies together for 15 years and built a strong reputation for providing genuine Island hospitality, friendly service and immaculately clean accommodations. After Ada’s passing in 2003, Ron Peters continued to run the business until 2012, when he passed the torch on to Tracey and Kenny.

Continuing a Family Tradition

The Singleton Triplets painting.

Since 2013, Tracey and Kenny have carried on the legacy started by Tracey’s parents decades earlier.  By the time they began operating Cavendish Bosom Buddies, both Tracey and Kenny had developed a wealth of business knowledge, as well as a love and appreciation for the Island’s vibrant tourism industry.

Tracey holds a Bachelor Degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management from Mount Saint Vincent University in Nova Scotia and has spent her entire career working in tourism and hospitality in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Kenny also has a passion for business and tourism, and has operated Bosom Buddies’ sister company, PEI Dream Cottages Inc., for over 15 years.

Greetings from your Hosts, The Singletons

Hello and welcome to Cavendish Bosom Buddies! We look forward to welcoming vacationers, returning and new and hope you feel at home during your stay. Bosom Buddies is a place where kindred spirits come together to connect, rejuvenate, and create new and lasting memories.

As parents ourselves, Bosom Buddies has taken on a whole new meaning which reflects the strong bond, connection and friendship that binds our triplet children. It also remains a treasured gathering place for our family and friends, who have spent many weekends here at the cottages over the past 25 years.  We hope you’ll find it as fun and magical as we do!

Yours in hospitality,
Tracey, Kenny, MacKenzie, Matt & Lexie