Spaces are available for the 2024 Summer season but are filling up quickly.

Pet Policy

Our Pet Policy

To ensure a pleasant experience for all our guests and to maintain a comfortable and hygienic environment, we have made some updates to our pet policy. We kindly request all visitors respect these guidelines.

Pet Fees:

There will be a pet fee of $20 + tax per night for each pet. Please ensure that you have pre-booked your pet in advance of your stay. A fee of $100 plus the nightly pet fees will apply for pets not reported at check-in. We need to know about pets in cottages to arrange for the proper cleaning upon departure.

Pet Limitations:

Each cottage is allowed a maximum of 2 small dogs, weighing less than 24 lbs (10 kg) each, OR 1 medium-sized dog, weighing between 25 to 59 lbs (11 to 26 kg), OR 1 large dog, weighing greater than 60 lbs (27 kg).

Cleaning and Damages:

  • Guests are responsible for the proper care and behavior of their pets throughout the stay.
  • If the cottage requires extra heavy cleaning due to excessive hair, pet-related messes or damages, or if the cottage becomes unsellable due to pet-related issues, the card on file will be charged an additional cleaning fee.The additional cleaning fee may range from $100 to $300, depending on the severity of the situation.

Pet Etiquette:

  • Guests are required to clean up after their pets promptly. Please use outdoor garbage cans to dispose of waste.
  • Pets are not permitted in the pool area or the pool itself for hygiene and safety reasons.
  • Pets must be leashed and supervised at all times while outside the cottage.

  • Pets are not permitted to be left unattended in cottages without owners present. This often leads to barking dogs and damages when owners are not present.

  • It is advisable to carry your pet’s identification and vaccination records during your stay.
  • Dogs should not be on the furniture or beds. We recommend that you travel with dog blankets to limit shedding in the cottage.


Respect for Other Guests:

Some guests may have allergies or fears of animals. To ensure everyone’s comfort, please keep your pets under control and away from other guests who may not want to interact with them.